June 19 Day 24. 62kms Bow Island – Medicine Hat June 20 Day 25 Rest Day 

Biked into “The Hat” yesterday to be greeted by my Aunt Mary & a cousin Keith Crush. Wonderful day, lunch with auntie, then afternoon spent with her at her home. Evening -dinner at Donna & Keith’ with their daughter Chelsey, her husband Aaron and their beautiful children. 

Aaron (and everyone) had so many questions about my trip it was first time I realized how someone could be so excited in something I was doing. That what I was doing was very exciting .

My other cousins Lori &. Darcy came over with their grandson Merrick . They all surprised me with a early birthday cake – Auntie was behind that but it was very sweet of them all & the kids made me a poster/card. 

I really got to see Medicine Hat today from two people that love the city, Donna & Keith toured me around, showed me some history and beautiful parks, never would a seen the beauty of the city biking through. 

My favorite place was the Medalta Stone Ware factory, the huge Kilns, the building, the pottery, the history- the land supplied clay, natural gas, and water to create the pottery and there was the railway for shipping. Very interesting. 

Lunch then Spent the rest afternoon with Lori, Auntie, met Lori & Darcy son Travis ( Merrick’s dad). Then off to Chelsey and Aaron’s children’s sporting events. Beckett’s baseball game and Sadie’s soccer game (little sister, Leni cheering them on). Last game was, Keith’s (the umpire) ball game. Finished the day with a delicious meal on the patio with Donna & Keith. 


2 thoughts on “June 19 Day 24. 62kms Bow Island – Medicine Hat June 20 Day 25 Rest Day 

  1. Great post! So nice
    to get to meet you Anne. Glad you enjoyed our wonderful city and thanks for coming to the kids sports! We all will be following you along on this wonderful adventure. Stay safe! Cheers.


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