Last Day in NFLD 

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This will be the last entry in this Across Canada Adventure. Thanks to all of you that took the time to share this adventure with me. I never felt  alone out there with all your beautiful words of encouragement. I never thought I’d would be an inspiration to anyone but I know now that this wasn’t just a bike ride. 

I did this with little thought, Wanting to cycling across Canada came from the idea that Dale & I were one day going to take the Camaro across together, and when there was no together anymore the plan changed. 

It was never a dream to cycle it, I just decided I can do this, I’ve got the time in my life right now, I’m strong enough, I’m smart enough, and I’ve learned not to worry about what hasn’t happened yet. There’s was no need to be scared, scared of animals, scared of people, scared to be a women alone, scared of the traffic, to be scared wasn’t anything I even thought of till it became the number one questions of those who met me. I didn’t take careless risks and I chose to enjoy every minute I could, I didn’t make the time to be scared. It’s like worrying, it’s a waste of time. 

I enjoyed the freedom, the air that pass by me, the birds that flew over me, the flowers I pass by, the sweet smells, the rushing rivers, the heat of the sun, overcoming the mountain, appreciate the Prairies, Discovery what was  around the coner, and the next coner, the beauty of the beaches, oceans, trees, the lakes. The history of  the east in its buildings – the churches – fortresses, the lighthouses, the Museums and all the graveyards – remember all that built, fought, and stoled this country. The native history – their stories told not in stone but in words. The beautiful city parks, the provincial & national parks. It’s a huge country, I couldn’t possibly list all its beauty. 

The people of this country is what I found I loved the most. From Del on Vancouver Island that helped me fix my broken bike chain with a rock and my bike tools to Ryan & Leigh in NFLD that helped me fix my broken spirit on cold raining day with a ride in Big Rig. I hope I’ve mentioned all of you in my posts, from the short Conversations on the road to the overnight stays with the warm showers, the Airbnb’s, the bed and breakfast, at the campgrounds, and at the hostels. I was offered meals, drinks, rides, money, I got to share in their lives sometimes their music and their stories, their laughter and a few times their tears. To all my family I got to stay with, love love you!! To Dale’s family that I was a little worried about if you would take me in but you did as if I was one of your own. Thanks, I love you all too.  I got to be with some really amazing people.  

So in the end and at the end I’m happy I took this  trip on, my spirits were Challenge these last two weeks,  over 3 months is a long time but it’s ending on good note. Made some great friends I’ll keep in touch with and I have list of things to do when I come back in a car. Lol 

My top three sites:: 

1.) Gros Morne Mountain – speakless (and to anyone that knows me that’s saying a lot) 

2.) The pass from New Denver to Kaslo into Crawford Bay – with the river, the lakes and the air, the clean crisp air. 

3.) The red sand beaches of PEI – those rocky shores. 

Bonus: 4.) The big sky and fields of the Prairies – where you can see the people in the land.

Total :   From May 25 – Sept 14  

Lac La Hache BC      to    St. John’s NFLD 

82 actual days on the bike.     

7,581 kms ( 4,738 miles) clocked on the bike

8 Ferry rides, 1 train ride, 1 offered truck ride, 3 bummed truck rides & one plan truck ride to Bella Coola 

A flight back to BC only to be burn out of seeing the family (stuck on the highway) – and two Greyhound rides to backtrack back to the bike

Three rentals -that never cheated my kms across Canada but let me discover the beauty of the Cabot Trail,  Gros Morne &  a little bit of NFLD.   

❤️ 🚵‍♀️  🇨🇦 Thank you all for joining me ❤️🇨🇦 🚵‍♀️

Love Anne




6 thoughts on “Last Day in NFLD 

  1. Anne, we met you outside a restaurant in Falcon Lake, MB just before the Ontario border. We have followed you the rest of the way. We will miss your blogs! All the best as you move ahead.

    Warren & Jocelyn Barnard

    Falcon Lake, Manitoba


  2. Hi Anne: We met you at the Waterfront park in North Bay, Ontario. Enjoyed talking with you about your adventure and so thankful that you made it to Nfld. safely. Wishing you all the best as you move forward with your life. Many Blessings, Betty Cochran


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