Sept 6 Day 99 90kms Gander – Terra Nova National Park 

(Images on Facebook- across canada adventure) 
Had a great day, (# 99- the great one), it was a little windy but the sun was out so it was warm. Started seeing more of NFLD’s rocky shores – lakes and the coast. 

Lots of honks along the highway today, bikers & convertible waves too. The best ones were the truckers that gave me a ride the other day, I’m sure the cars infront of them thought “what the hell!!” When Ryan met me I’d just started a pretty fast dissent down hill with some wind, thought oh shit I’m going to bite it big time if I take my hand off of this handle bar, that’s all I need is to wipe out but I steadied the surly and gave him a wave. Leigh on the hand got a sit up tall & a big wave – safer on the flat road. 
 Lunch was a road side hotdog at the Gambo lookout, normally I don’t stop too long but took my time cause of the view- just took in. There was a veggie stand there too, got some free veggies – this bike has perks. Made a salad with dinner, so good. 

Had a cool moment today, at one point when the wind did decide to be at my back, it was pushing the low clouds ahead of me kind of fast so their shadows were falling on me then traveling up the pavement, so it felt like I was chasing the clouds. Cool 
Got into the park around 4:00, set up, showered, went for a walk and talked & text on the phone. Then realized it was getting dusk and I better get back to the camp so I can make my supper, ended up making it in the dark but that’s what flashlights are for.  
It was such a warm beautiful night, a few stars came out and the full moon was so bright ( I’m sure that’s why there was only a few stars). Watch the sky for awhile, only saw two satellite. Howled at the moon then called it a night before the hair & the teeth started to grow.


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