June 15    Day 20   104kms Cranbrook – Fernie 

 Well I found were all the action is in Cranbook as I rolled out of town today, everything is on the main drag. Oh well, didn’t need to go anywhere there anyways.

The views were mountains again, I’m soaking them all in, only one more night in BC then tomorrow the Prairies begin. Alberta Bound. On the road today for 6 hours, 4 of those in the rain but it was a light rain so with the wind I create on the bike never really got all that wet. 

Went through my only tunnel so far, I got off my bike & made sure my back lights was still blinking before I entered so the trucks could see me in the dark. Little did I know it was very short tunnel, there really was no dark, lol. But I alway have my light on anyways. 

Fernie is a very cute, biking/skiing town. Mountains surrounds it. Beautiful! Lots of bike shops so I got a bit of adjustment on the cables/front derailer, working like it should now. 

Stayed with Liz, a great Warm Showers host, she had just got back into town from Calgary ( flight from England) & was willing to host. She didn’t even have all her Costco shop inside yet. She has biked Canada – East to west , so got some good tips & suggestions on where to go. 👍 Pasta & homemade sauce was just great, wanted some pasta too. Hoping the cloud/rain lifts tomorrow – she has a beautiful view.