June 22 Day 25 141 kms Maple Creek – Swift CurrentĀ 

Today was all about just getting to Swift Current, tried to look at scenery once in a while but it rained the whole day. Never even took the camera out of my bag for a picture. It was only 8kms from Maple Creek to Highway 1 but took me 45 minute because I was heading north & wind was from the west, all I could do to keep the bike straight up. 

(Pin the tent upside down to dry off the bottom in the wind thisbmorning, rained most of the night.)

Then east with the wind at my back, yippee! But rain & more rain – made great time for 2hrs but was cold, got wet too. Met another biker at the PetroPass in Tompkins- there for about an hour drying out & warming up. After that the highway ran a lot of east by northeast or the wind changed, fought alot of cross wind & rolling hills to Swift Current only averaged about 16kms/hr. And rained the whole way. But did it!  
So I’m biking down the highway transport trucks & other traffic are trying to pull into the left lane when they can but not always so I’m getting lots of spray off the trucks, I’m fighting wind and rain and it’s ugly when this jeep passes me then It pulls over on to the shoulder ahead of me. so now I have to negotiate going around him making sure Im watching traffic coming behind me so it’s safe to pass going into the right lane. He shuts off his lights and he’s just sitting there, so as I get closer the drivers door opens & he gets out, I’m like what the hell is he doing! I give him the thumb ups that I’m fine & he holds out a plastic bag with an ORANGE šŸŠ in it – WHAT THE @*#F ??? It’s pouring rain, wind is blowing me sideways, now not only do I have to go around him he’s got his door open too. And he thinks I’d like a orange šŸŠ a whole orange šŸŠ what a crazy person. I just kept going. But I did buy two oranges tonight & had one before dinner, lol. 
So I’m cold- shoe/gloves soaked. I don’t take baths, maybe once a year or after a marathon to soak the muscles. I’m strictly a shower person. But today I’m cold/wet & want a very hot long soak in the tub, thinking about it the last couple hours on the bike, because I decided to get a motel room to dry everything out. So I go cheap- only need a clean bed, heat, & a bathroom. Go into the bathroom to fill the bath & can’t believe my luck, the tub is only 3′ x 2′ – I think the one in my holiday trailer is only a bit smaller, lol. Anyway, appreciate the little things, I had a tub, could have only been a shower. Felt good after the cold day. 

A Laundry mat was close-so did a small load, ate supper, then Netflix & chilled.