I’m sending this in the day just in case you’re on your coffee or lunch & you need something. 
I want you to close your eyes and picture.

The sound of waves crashing on the wood ladin beach below you and a gentle breeze bringing the fragrant smell of wild roses to you. Your view is snowcapped mountains across the lightly white capping lake. It may have only been a few seconds but you got to ride beside a bald eagle as he swooped from spruce tree to spurce tree at the same level as you in the road.



June 12 Day17 112 kms + a ferry ride Marie’s house – Crawford Bay RV Park

What a beautiful day, sun was out, not a lot of hills today & some nice down hills. 

Kaslo such a cute little town, stopped for my lunch there. 

The ferry ride was beautiful. Had a ginger beer & a ginger cookie while I waited. The beer was cold & so good. 

Now I’m at Crawford Bay RV Park, owners are Bryan & Cindy Anger, turns out they know my sister & brother in-law Brenda & Murray. Very nice place, very clean free showers & Park is set up very well. 
They even invited me for dinner, fresh caught fish & home fries with coleslaw. Mmmmm good. Good visit with them & Cindy’s sister. If you even going through & need a RV Park highly recommended, good for bikers.