Last Day in NFLD 

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This will be the last entry in this Across Canada Adventure. Thanks to all of you that took the time to share this adventure with me. I never felt  alone out there with all your beautiful words of encouragement. I never thought I’d would be an inspiration to anyone but I know now that this wasn’t just a bike ride. 

I did this with little thought, Wanting to cycling across Canada came from the idea that Dale & I were one day going to take the Camaro across together, and when there was no together anymore the plan changed. 

It was never a dream to cycle it, I just decided I can do this, I’ve got the time in my life right now, I’m strong enough, I’m smart enough, and I’ve learned not to worry about what hasn’t happened yet. There’s was no need to be scared, scared of animals, scared of people, scared to be a women alone, scared of the traffic, to be scared wasn’t anything I even thought of till it became the number one questions of those who met me. I didn’t take careless risks and I chose to enjoy every minute I could, I didn’t make the time to be scared. It’s like worrying, it’s a waste of time. 

I enjoyed the freedom, the air that pass by me, the birds that flew over me, the flowers I pass by, the sweet smells, the rushing rivers, the heat of the sun, overcoming the mountain, appreciate the Prairies, Discovery what was  around the coner, and the next coner, the beauty of the beaches, oceans, trees, the lakes. The history of  the east in its buildings – the churches – fortresses, the lighthouses, the Museums and all the graveyards – remember all that built, fought, and stoled this country. The native history – their stories told not in stone but in words. The beautiful city parks, the provincial & national parks. It’s a huge country, I couldn’t possibly list all its beauty. 

The people of this country is what I found I loved the most. From Del on Vancouver Island that helped me fix my broken bike chain with a rock and my bike tools to Ryan & Leigh in NFLD that helped me fix my broken spirit on cold raining day with a ride in Big Rig. I hope I’ve mentioned all of you in my posts, from the short Conversations on the road to the overnight stays with the warm showers, the Airbnb’s, the bed and breakfast, at the campgrounds, and at the hostels. I was offered meals, drinks, rides, money, I got to share in their lives sometimes their music and their stories, their laughter and a few times their tears. To all my family I got to stay with, love love you!! To Dale’s family that I was a little worried about if you would take me in but you did as if I was one of your own. Thanks, I love you all too.  I got to be with some really amazing people.  

So in the end and at the end I’m happy I took this  trip on, my spirits were Challenge these last two weeks,  over 3 months is a long time but it’s ending on good note. Made some great friends I’ll keep in touch with and I have list of things to do when I come back in a car. Lol 

My top three sites:: 

1.) Gros Morne Mountain – speakless (and to anyone that knows me that’s saying a lot) 

2.) The pass from New Denver to Kaslo into Crawford Bay – with the river, the lakes and the air, the clean crisp air. 

3.) The red sand beaches of PEI – those rocky shores. 

Bonus: 4.) The big sky and fields of the Prairies – where you can see the people in the land.

Total :   From May 25 – Sept 14  

Lac La Hache BC      to    St. John’s NFLD 

82 actual days on the bike.     

7,581 kms ( 4,738 miles) clocked on the bike

8 Ferry rides, 1 train ride, 1 offered truck ride, 3 bummed truck rides & one plan truck ride to Bella Coola 

A flight back to BC only to be burn out of seeing the family (stuck on the highway) – and two Greyhound rides to backtrack back to the bike

Three rentals -that never cheated my kms across Canada but let me discover the beauty of the Cabot Trail,  Gros Morne &  a little bit of NFLD.   

❤️ 🚵‍♀️  🇨🇦 Thank you all for joining me ❤️🇨🇦 🚵‍♀️

Love Anne




Sept 9 Day 102 63km Avondale – St John’s 

 ( images on across canada adventure-Fave book)

Well I made it to St John’s, yippee. Valerie made me a great breakfast for the road. I said good by to Hugh and her after making plans to meet up later in the week. 
 Only 60 kms to go, it was pouring rain but no wind or fog and it was mostly down hill. Stayed off the TCH but the road I was on did get very busy the closer I got to St John’s but had lots of shoulder. 

I was so excited to see the Welcome sign. It was my original end point, I still may cycle out to Cape Spears but if I don’t I good with that.

I’m staying at the hostel for a few nights, Fly out Early Thursday. Walked down to a couple of the pubs last night, one for dinner, I had the fish & chips, it was really good. The other pub was on George Street, live Irish bands, music was loud, pub was crowded, found a couple of dancing partners- just what I wanted!!! George Street was pretty busy and it was pouring but people were out going from bar to bar. O’Reillys was perfect for me, that’s what I wanted to do. Sing, dance, clap, laugh, drink a little, just have a hell of a good time. So no bar hopping. 

Tomorrow I will see a little more if the weather is better, have plans made with Valerie to see more of the area on Monday. 
I’m pretty happy that I’m here, so cool to think back to May when I wasn’t sure if this was possible.


So yesterday I was a little disappointed after Selina & Shirley pick me up. We drove through quite a bit of construction. After 102 days out here on the road by myself there has been a few times when I felt a little lonely but like so many time in this trip the universe would provide, so the universe provided construction. I mean a rumble strip would do in a pinch but it wasn’t the same as when they remove the top layer of payment to prep it for the new payment. The machine would creates these evenly spaced, smooth ridges that when I ride over them, they would cause as sensation that would travel through the steel frame of the surly into my leather Brooks saddle that would feel quite delightful. Around Corner Brook I got the opportunity to drive over about 5 km of this prep payment and what you need to understand for me to drive 5 km it takes about 15 minutes. So needless to say when I got to the end and I saw the flagger smoking a cigarette I pulled over & bummed a really long drag. Lol lol 
*Not sorry if this offended anyone 

** Only a little embarrassed that my brothers will read it

*** Yvonne don’t show Mom. 

Lol 😂 Lol 😂 

Sept. 8 Day 101 30kms – Bike 108 – Truck  Clarenville – Avondale

(Images  on across Canada adventure – Facebook)

I had great plans today, 1.) get a great night sleep at the BnB, 2.) have a hardy home cook meal and leave early, get on the bike before the rain and cycle hard – 3.)try to do the 138 to Avondale or get close. I’ve done those kms before, just going to be a long day, l can do it!!!! 

Well, I had 4 1/2 hrs sleep (just can sleep- been averaging 4 hours a night for the past week). Strike one
Had that great breakfast. Then Marsha (BnB owner) & I became fast friends. You know sometimes it’s easier to talk to strangers about stuff. Well that’s what happened- we both dished, similar stories different perspective. No advice, no great wisdom, just life – it takes work – day by day. So you know how it is when women get talking, lol. Didn’t leave till- 9:30 – Strike Two

Wind – knew I would be fighting it, Rain- I’ve done rain before, Hills – just find your gear, Fog – holy shit – this is thick fog. I can see but can I be seen, is that little flashing light going to keep me safe. Strike Three

I didn’t like fog so I pulled over & thumb it, no takers. So back on the bike. I Texted Ryan & Leigh to see if they were going by, they were close but ahead of me heading east but he said he could make it work. Then I see this truck pulled off to the side of the road with a lady out by the door, I’m thinking shit -someone else having trouble in this weather, then I realize she watching me – maybe she is going to offer help but as I get closer she looks like a lady that messaged me yesterday on my Facebook- my cousin’s husband’s step mom. She had Only learned of my trip yesterday- she wanted to connect with me when I went through. Well she couldn’t have picked a better time to show up. She was going east with a Truck with room for me & the bike. Thank you, who is ever watching over me today. I got a few up there and had few down here today too. (texted the truck driving brothers that I was good). 

So amazing that it worked out, Selina & Shirley were great, laughed & enjoyed the drive to Avondale on their way to St John. We went for lunch and traded more stories. I So enjoyed their company. They went on to the city to shop for a new car and I hung out at the pub for my new friends that I had met in Gros Morne (very close friends of my sisters). It wasn’t long till Valerie was there and we walked the bike to her home. Hugh was there to greet us to their beautiful home on the shore of Conception Bay. Beautiful view, beautiful home, wonderful company, stimulating conversation, and a delicious meal and even a little company during dinner by a local fox. 
A Perfect end for a not so perfect day.

Sept 6 Day 99 90kms Gander – Terra Nova National Park 

(Images on Facebook- across canada adventure) 
Had a great day, (# 99- the great one), it was a little windy but the sun was out so it was warm. Started seeing more of NFLD’s rocky shores – lakes and the coast. 

Lots of honks along the highway today, bikers & convertible waves too. The best ones were the truckers that gave me a ride the other day, I’m sure the cars infront of them thought “what the hell!!” When Ryan met me I’d just started a pretty fast dissent down hill with some wind, thought oh shit I’m going to bite it big time if I take my hand off of this handle bar, that’s all I need is to wipe out but I steadied the surly and gave him a wave. Leigh on the hand got a sit up tall & a big wave – safer on the flat road. 
 Lunch was a road side hotdog at the Gambo lookout, normally I don’t stop too long but took my time cause of the view- just took in. There was a veggie stand there too, got some free veggies – this bike has perks. Made a salad with dinner, so good. 

Had a cool moment today, at one point when the wind did decide to be at my back, it was pushing the low clouds ahead of me kind of fast so their shadows were falling on me then traveling up the pavement, so it felt like I was chasing the clouds. Cool 
Got into the park around 4:00, set up, showered, went for a walk and talked & text on the phone. Then realized it was getting dusk and I better get back to the camp so I can make my supper, ended up making it in the dark but that’s what flashlights are for.  
It was such a warm beautiful night, a few stars came out and the full moon was so bright ( I’m sure that’s why there was only a few stars). Watch the sky for awhile, only saw two satellite. Howled at the moon then called it a night before the hair & the teeth started to grow.

Sept 5 Day 97 107 kms Grand Falls-Windsor to Gander 

(Images on Facebook- across canada adventure) 

Great day on the bike – blasted the tunes for the whole ride and sang along – no bugs, like really not one bug. So no worries I’d eat one yelling along with lady gaga, Christina, Pink, Autograph, Cheap Trick, Quiet Riot, Janis Joplin, & Guardians of the galaxy soundtrack (that’s some old stuff) then finished the last couple of hills into town with Ed Sheeran. Don’t judge me. Downloaded some more music tonight.    
Got set up at a RV park then went for cod dinner at Rosie’s. Very good. 
So I didn’t even take a picture on the road today only one at dinner & I only did that to send to Shauna because I was talking to her at dinner about my dinner. So I’ll post some older ones.

Sept 4th Day 96 42kms -Bike  170 kms – 18Wheeler – Big Rig – Semi  Deer Lake Airport – Grand Fall – Windsor

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Three hours of sleep – an upset stomach (I should know better -fast food) 134 kms to the nearest campsite – then add pissing down rain (which means tenting in the rain) I decided that pulling into a gas station/ restaurant and asking for a ride was the most perfect decision of the day!!!  

So spent just shy of two hours waiting for a truck going east, with an empty box, & room for me in the cab – it never happened. 

Had a wonderful family explain the “whole story” “my whole sad story of the day, lol ” to a DRL -coach driver, figured that he should put me & the bike on a full bus. They were so determined for me, cool. 

Then the best part, a transport pulls in – parks -the “wonderful family” tells me make sure you ask for a ride, he’s got lots of room for your bike. So the driver (Ryan) does ask me if I need a ride but he’s waiting for another truck – when (Leigh) shows up they need to drop off his load on the other truck then they’ll be back for lunch. So two truck drivers – “OK” Then they have lunch, they’re a pair of comedians- the waitress are throwing it back as fast they throw it out, they’re regulars “OK”. And Leigh reminds me of my little (not so little) brother Todd, Anyways my gut is telling me “all good”. So the bike went on the trailer- total respect- tied my Surly down tight, she wasn’t moving anywhere. Then sit back, relax, laugh, smile and enjoy the ride. These two are quite the brothers of the highway, always watching each others back, and joking with each other over the radio the whole trip. They had me laughing the entire time. Put me a day ahead too, because of the rain I went all the way to Grand Fall-Windsor to get a room. Big thanks 

The BnB is the cutest- not too small, not too big – just right room & the bathroom is the dormer.   

A little sun ☀️ on the weather app for tomorrow. 😊👍

Sept 3 Day 95 Gros Morne Provincial Park 

These are some of the best views of the trip!!! 
(Go to Across Canada Adventure on Facebook for images) 

So I’ve been downloading my pictures at full size and now I’ve run out of room on the free site to download images. It will cost me $120 to upgrade. I will try to minimize some of my old pictures. Or delete some but I won’t be paying the fee this close to finishing my trip.

So give me a couple of days or if you have Facebook- I’m there too. AcrossCanadaAdventure 

Sept 2 Day 94 8kms Gros Morne Provincial Park 

Had a wonderful breakfast with my B&B hosts, then I packed up & hit the road early, wanted to pick up the rental before the rain. I got a little truck so I loaded the bike in the back and headed straight to Gros Morne, and I timed it perfect because as soon as I stared driving the rain started coming down. I had a booking for The Western Brook boat tour. 

It wasn’t a sunny day but it wasn’t raining on us while we were on the boat so that was great just before we got on the boat I met a lady, Valerie , in the gift shop turns out she’s a really good friend of Marie’s from New Denver, they spend time in Newfoundland every summer so we made plans to meet in St John’s. 

And while I was on the boat tour I sat with this couple that were so cool Marlena was hilarious and Paul. We met later for dinner that night. Had a great time, lots of laughs. After dinner I got them to drop me off at this little pub right across from the hostal, it was where they pick me up too, I was already two beers in. 
The folks at there said they be playing music later that night & to stop back after dinner, so I did. It was just a bunch of locals and few other people from the hostal, the music was one guitar in an ugly sick but it was sure fun. I got home just after midnight, it’s morning now , I’m using the Wi-Fi here getting a blog done and Then I’ll doing a couple hikes, weathers better today. 

Sept 1 Day 93 113 kms Barachois Pond Provincial Park – Deer Lake

Nice morning, things were wet from the night before but it wasn’t raining. Got packed up and was saying good bye to the park rangers when one said we can take you up the hill, and it was a very steep hill down into the park so I didn’t even think twice – I’m like sure. So what would have been 15minutes turn into 2 minutes back to the highway. 

Mostly trees into Corner Brook and lots of hills. Stopped for lunch at the lookout restaurant, had a view of all of Corner Brook while I warmed up with soup & a sandwich. After Corner Brook there were beautiful rock cliffs and lakes. The road was fast, lots of down hill, did the 50kms in just over two hours – sweet. It was a good thing too because about 7kms out of Deer Lake it started to rain then pour, I couldn’t blink fast enough. Went straight to the info center to organize my trip to Gros Morne National Park. The girl there was amazing, she had done most of the hikes and the boat tours so lots of great input. We booked a B&B for tonight, a boat tour for tomorrow- can cancel if it’s raining, a rental to get pick up tomorrow- a truck this time so I can take the bike to the Park, and a hostel in Gros Morne. 

Then a stop at the grocery store because it was still pouring out, so I thought I would just make dinner at the B&B. The B&B owners are a older couple – very friendly. Made supper in their kitchen and visited. The Newfie slang made me smile a few times. Art is an artist and he has painted one wall in every room with a mural.  

 I’m tuck in bed now and hoping the rain isn’t going to be has bad as the weather app said it’s going to be tomorrow.