May 30  Day 6 114kms Sayward – Comox 

Beautiful morning another no rain day. Got all loaded then realize I had a flat tire, gas station was only 1/2 km from the RV site so fixed it there. Del’s chain fix held, a little clunky with the stiff link but got me to Campbell river no problem. Great bike shop, very helpful. Went away with quick links, new chain, new tube & some free granola bars. Finished the day with some beautiful ocean views & through a lot of small farms to comox. Long bike ride but not too bad for hills, just a little wind off the ocean. I


May 27 Day 3 Bella Bella to Port McNeil 58kms on Bike

Beautiful day for the ferry ride to Shearwater where there was 5 hrs lay over. BS with a girl from the ferry. Then slept on the floor between the rows of seat on the big ferry to Port Hardy. There was a lot of use sleeping on the floor. Mats, sleeping bags, pillows the whole works. Then to a bike shop in Port Hardy – wire broke on my odometer but he didn’t have a new one so I MacGyver the shit out of it & it works!!! Starting the night in Port McNeil.​

May 25 – Day 1 82kms

Timothy Lake to Williams Lake 

Good bike, said good- bye to Lac La Hache and friends Adam, Nancy & Dawson today. Had one mishap- kick stand broke but the guys said in Williams Lake Bike Shop that my Surly recommend not having one, can damage the frame. So no kick stand🙁 

Stayed the night with Teresa & Brad Hehr, great meal, good company & great bed( won’t have a lot of those for awhile)