Sept 9 Day 102 63km Avondale – St John’s 

 ( images on across canada adventure-Fave book)

Well I made it to St John’s, yippee. Valerie made me a great breakfast for the road. I said good by to Hugh and her after making plans to meet up later in the week. 
 Only 60 kms to go, it was pouring rain but no wind or fog and it was mostly down hill. Stayed off the TCH but the road I was on did get very busy the closer I got to St John’s but had lots of shoulder. 

I was so excited to see the Welcome sign. It was my original end point, I still may cycle out to Cape Spears but if I don’t I good with that.

I’m staying at the hostel for a few nights, Fly out Early Thursday. Walked down to a couple of the pubs last night, one for dinner, I had the fish & chips, it was really good. The other pub was on George Street, live Irish bands, music was loud, pub was crowded, found a couple of dancing partners- just what I wanted!!! George Street was pretty busy and it was pouring but people were out going from bar to bar. O’Reillys was perfect for me, that’s what I wanted to do. Sing, dance, clap, laugh, drink a little, just have a hell of a good time. So no bar hopping. 

Tomorrow I will see a little more if the weather is better, have plans made with Valerie to see more of the area on Monday. 
I’m pretty happy that I’m here, so cool to think back to May when I wasn’t sure if this was possible.


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