June 7 Day 14 115kms Keremeos – Kettle Valley RV

So didn’t want to go that far, but camping options pushed me on. 

Day started great, but did see a couple of sad road kills. A little kitten curl up like it was sleepingšŸ˜„ & a fawn by the mark on the road I think mama got hit.šŸ˜„

Though vineyards and orchards are beautiful scenery, they leave little cover for peeing, so in the ditch behind a bush( it wasn’t any real cover just made me feel better) Well traffic waited till I was done, got to do it come the prairies anyways. 

Ride into Osoyoos was challenging but then I the ride out was freaking unreal. 25 kms straight up, it was 31 out & I really thought about waiting till morning. But I was to cheap to spend what Osoyoos wanted for tenting & to hard headed to give up the day I gained yesterday. So at 1:00 in the heat of the day I started, told myself it will take 4 hours go easy,(& it did + some). Met some folks from NFLD at the rest stop- got a B&B to stay at there now.  

Glad I press on, tired but beautiful RV park, free huge showers, got the pits & legs shaved, lol. Cheap laundry & a huge lobby that open all hours, in there now, using wifi. 

To bed, shorter day tomorrow.