I’ve always wanted to see our beautiful country, so I thought I’d do it on a bike. No not a motorbike. A good old food fueled,  legs tired at the end of the day cycling tour. 
I’m starting on May 26/17 from the ferry at Bella Coola to Port Hardy, really wanted to see the coast. A few days on the island, then I head to Vancouver from Nanaimo, from there east to Newfoundland. Where everyday will be adventurešŸ˜Š. 

I will be dedicating this trip across Canada šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦ to a dear friend, Theresa Godber, that may be gone from us now but her sense of adventure and beautiful Spirit will live on in all that knew her. May my bike get me across like the old suburban did her & her kids.