June 17 Day 22 118 kms  Cowley – Lethbridge 

Well now I fill like I’m in Alberta, wind at my back this morning & wide open skys. Lot of windmills & power lines till lunch then from Fort MacLeod on it leveled out and big fields. 

Seeing a lot of gophers, saw a lot of ground hogs in BC, bigger & fatter then the gophers. About the same amount a long the ditches, jumping back into their holes when they see me. But from what I’ve seen on the road the gophers are more suicidal. Or these skinny little guys think they can make it across and BC’s fat guys are like Hell No I’ll just chill here by my hole & take another drag on my good BC weed & pass the munchies. Lol (that’s where the mind goes after 5hrs on the bike – picturing coked out AB gophers & laid back weed smokin BC ground hogs.) lol 

Found the contents of a another wallet, not as many credit cards in this one, but her health cards & some other cards. Found her on Facebook like the first one too. Funny thing she only lives around the block from the Warm Showers Hosts I staying with, so dropping it off in the morning. 
Great host again, they have be bike touring for years, so some good stories. Their off on a trip tomorrow if I had my passport I might have joined them for the day, it’s in Yellowstone & they invited me a long. Great meal & got some laundry done too.