June 21 Day 24 106kms Medicine Hat – Maple Creek.   

Great start to the day – breakfast with Donna & Keith then we all walk to where I’d enter Highway 1. I was a little worried about the traffic but there was no need, divided highway all the way so noise wasn’t bad at all and maybe only a handful of transport trucks didn’t pull over to the left lane. So Big shout out to the truckers!! 👍

So peddle passed a small pond, people had built nesting boxes so I was taking my time going by looking at the birds. I had saw at the far end of the pond there were some smaller birds harassing two hawks, but wasn’t looking at them, then all of a sudden I looked up and the hawk was in a full dive for my head, all I saw was beak, eyes, & wingspan!!! So shoulders to the ears, peddled faster & screamed. Looked to my left & he(she) was flying up from the dive & I just got out of there. 

My heart was racing.

Seen a couple more nest further down the road, once I was a good distance away from one I stopped for a picture. 
Shout out for the ladies at the Walsh Info center, they have a book just for cyclists to sign in & they give you a free cliff bar and fruit bar. 

Crossed over to Saskatchewan today, that was fast trip through Alberta. 

Got into Maple Creek at a good time, camping at Willowbend RV park, set up & went downtown. It’s raining now (9:30) so in the tent for the night.