June 28 6:30 am Still in my tent 0 kms

So last week I met Aaron Lybbert, he’s married to my cousin Chelsey. Amazing Dad, Husband, & his in-laws really like him too, Lol 

He was so exited to meet me, he asked me so many questions about my trip & wanted to ask more. (But the whole family wanted to hear my answers too). Anyway it was the first time I really realize that what I was doing was pretty special and people just don’t do this on whim, which is what I did. The timing was right for me, I wanted to see Canada so I just decided to buy a bike and ride across the country not really expecting it to influence people. I started the blogs for my family because they were worried about the dangers out there, again I did not even think of that I was just gonna ride my bike. 

Aaron shared my post last night and he made some comments with his share about something that I had said pretty casually, that I really appreciate the big sky’s and I’m not bored cycling through the prairies. Those comments change his perspective when he was out for a training ride on Saturday.

Maybe I’m naïve but I really didn’t think I had that kind of influence on somebody, too think I could influence somebody else’s day. It’s pretty humbling. But when I am out there on the prairies I see those rows and rows of potatoes, grain, or beans and know that’s someone’s paycheck and they’re totally dependent on the weather. When I see a stand of trees that were planted years ago I know that somebody’s great grandparents did that just for wind break the protector their home. When a trucker pulls over to the left lane to go around me I think he’s just doing his job going A to B missing his family and he’s making sure he is taking care me too. 

Maybe that’s why I really like the prairies. Mountains are beautiful, the landscape was gorgeous in BC but you really understand the people when ride by this land. In BC I appreciated them too, the fisherman, the logger, the farmer but you do get just distracted with the beauty of the land, here you actually have to take a moment or you will just buy into the attitude that it’s flat and boring.

This bike trip give me the luxury to slow life down and take it all in, so that’s what I’m trying to do. Thank you Aaron for giving me this moment where I actually realized this is pretty damn special and a lot of people don’t get the time to do something at this level or have the ability. I hope everyone just takes a moment in the day, maybe through their car window, to do just a little bit of what I do for seven hours on the bike.


June 27 Day 30 111 kms Regina – Wolseley 

Today started with good-bye, Val & Emery were great to stay with, Emery made us grilled egg & cheese for breakfast then hugs and on my way. They had a graduation ceremony to go to today. Emery told me that Regina has the largest urban park in Canada, goes through the city, so I cycled the park (10kms), never had to deal with traffic (city streets) until I was outside the city on highway #1. It was so relaxed and very scenic. 

The bike ride was easy going all day with the wind behind me and the sun out, it was quite warm & I drank a lot of water. 
Rolled into Indian Head to their Info center for more water and a chat with the two older ladies volunteering at the center. Here’s part of the conversation: 

Lady one: Oh there was a guy just here.

Lady two: You would have liked him. 

Lady one: He was from France

Lady two: Tall and handsome

Lady one: He’s studying Canadian agriculture

Lady two: He spoke  pretty good  English

Lady one: oh you could teach him she said with a mischievous little grin at me

Lady two: We sent him to the (such & such Park) 

Lady one: There’s a beach there, ( with the same mischievous grin) 

Lady two: Oh but you’re on a bike 

Lady one: Ya that’s too far for you

Me: lol lol 😂 😂😂😂

So if you need to be set up there’s a couple great match makers at Indian Head. Lol

Swinging bridge at Wolseley 

  St. Anne’s Church

So spending the night in Wolseley, went out to a little Bakery & had Pizza and the company of these two wonderful little ladies. Chatted up a storm with me at dinner. A pair of cutie patootie’s, the cooks children.