June 24 Day 27 85kms Chaplin – Moose Jaw

Started the morning with Breakfast outside the gas station (needed to buy some milk) at their picnic table with a couple of local farmer having coffee. Only a little over 4hrs bike to Moose Jaw, good weather, nothing exciting. 

Went to the bike shop first thing to get tubes, and went to top up the air in the one I had changed and it was low again. Decided to check it out and Finally found the The culprit that was flattering my tires, a small staple or something. So three new tubes. 

Staying with another Warm Showers Host, cool organic gardener, does the farmers market, she lives in residential but has gardens around town. I got settled & showered then into Moose Jaw to be a tourist.

Check out that biker’s tan. Lol

Did the Chinese side of the Tunnels – really liked it. It’s not as theatrical as the Al Capone side, Only one tour guide & he only played an acting part for short bit, most of it he explained how horrible these people would have been treated. I think it was lost on 9 kids in the group. 
It’s not my thing to do the Mineral pool (Not after been spoiled rotten by Liard River Hotsprings) but I did, water felt good. 

Went out for amazing fish & chips at a very recommended English Pub, Bobby’s Place, Two bachelorette parties, so loud & entertaining. Lol

My birthday year!! My 2nd odometer (distance from Ashley’s in Vancouver)