June 29 Day 31 91 kms Moosomin – Oak Lake

Three provinces done, seven more to go. Rolled into Manitoba an hour into my ride, easy ride for the rest of the day into Oak Lake. Still dealing with some tire issue, but no big deal. 

Did a little cloud watching beautiful big fluffy clouds. Then I started notice I Had storm at my back, followed me for the last two hours of my ride. I was Watching it in my side mirror. 

I got into Oak Lake, at my cousins home just before the cloud burst, some thunder & lighting too. Murray was home & got my bike tuck away in the shop. Rain didn’t last long anyways, then we were off to pick up Rhoda from her school bus garage, as it was the last day of school. Lots of visiting then to do chores and have dinner. Great day.

My cousin Rhoda milking Lucky

Murray making breakfast “Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!!!”