So yesterday I was a little disappointed after Selina & Shirley pick me up. We drove through quite a bit of construction. After 102 days out here on the road by myself there has been a few times when I felt a little lonely but like so many time in this trip the universe would provide, so the universe provided construction. I mean a rumble strip would do in a pinch but it wasn’t the same as when they remove the top layer of payment to prep it for the new payment. The machine would creates these evenly spaced, smooth ridges that when I ride over them, they would cause as sensation that would travel through the steel frame of the surly into my leather Brooks saddle that would feel quite delightful. Around Corner Brook I got the opportunity to drive over about 5 km of this prep payment and what you need to understand for me to drive 5 km it takes about 15 minutes. So needless to say when I got to the end and I saw the flagger smoking a cigarette I pulled over & bummed a really long drag. Lol lol 
*Not sorry if this offended anyone 

** Only a little embarrassed that my brothers will read it

*** Yvonne don’t show Mom. 

Lol 😂 Lol 😂 


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