June 6 Day 13 126 kms Manning Park – Keremeos

Just wanted to say first, I really enjoy your comments/likes/ happy faces etc. I don’t feel like I’m doing this by myself at all. 😊😘

Well that was a day! Left Manning Park at 8:50 only 63 kms into Princeton. Another summit 1200 ft but only climbed 800ft. The big hill was in construction so all need pavement, it was a hot day +29 so the sun off the new black pavement was hot. Put the Surly in 6 gear and had a nice climb.

Met up with 3 other cyclists at Princeton Info Centre, a couple from PEI & a guy from South Africa, I had met him at my Hope campsite. Our other cyclist from Quebec hadn’t got there yet.  Wanted to head on to Keremeos, talked to long then had to stop at the store so never got going til 2:00. Then the heat & the wind off the river almost beat me. But I’m here. Reading your posts & Posting this. 


One thought on “June 6 Day 13 126 kms Manning Park – Keremeos

  1. I’m the guy from South Africa!
    It was good to read that we all suffered on the climbs from Manning Park to Princeton!!
    Gotta love the gearing on the Surly for climbing hills, enjoy!
    My blog is kevinrides.blogspot.ca


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