Sept 1 Day 93 113 kms Barachois Pond Provincial Park – Deer Lake

Nice morning, things were wet from the night before but it wasn’t raining. Got packed up and was saying good bye to the park rangers when one said we can take you up the hill, and it was a very steep hill down into the park so I didn’t even think twice – I’m like sure. So what would have been 15minutes turn into 2 minutes back to the highway. 

Mostly trees into Corner Brook and lots of hills. Stopped for lunch at the lookout restaurant, had a view of all of Corner Brook while I warmed up with soup & a sandwich. After Corner Brook there were beautiful rock cliffs and lakes. The road was fast, lots of down hill, did the 50kms in just over two hours – sweet. It was a good thing too because about 7kms out of Deer Lake it started to rain then pour, I couldn’t blink fast enough. Went straight to the info center to organize my trip to Gros Morne National Park. The girl there was amazing, she had done most of the hikes and the boat tours so lots of great input. We booked a B&B for tonight, a boat tour for tomorrow- can cancel if it’s raining, a rental to get pick up tomorrow- a truck this time so I can take the bike to the Park, and a hostel in Gros Morne. 

Then a stop at the grocery store because it was still pouring out, so I thought I would just make dinner at the B&B. The B&B owners are a older couple – very friendly. Made supper in their kitchen and visited. The Newfie slang made me smile a few times. Art is an artist and he has painted one wall in every room with a mural.  

 I’m tuck in bed now and hoping the rain isn’t going to be has bad as the weather app said it’s going to be tomorrow.