Aug 30 Day 91 10 kms North Sydney NS – Port aux Basques NFLD

Returned the Rental (Good-bye my little piece of heaven) by 9:00 this morning. Loaded the gear back on the bike and was off the few kms to the ferry.

 I was told to be there by 9:45 for a departure time of 11:45 which I thought was early for a ferry but they start boarding around 10:00 then you are I n the ferry till it leaves, so that was great. 

It wasn’t busy, lots of choice for seats. Drank a iceberg beer in the bar too, local craft beer, they use the water from a iceberg to make it. I will be having another one, smooth. I remembered to get myself a couple of new books too, I kept forgetting so there was a couple of nights with no internet service, I was pretty bored in the tent, just went sleep. I’m almost done the first one from the ferry ride though, no internet there. 

There was cell service, talked to Todd, Yvonne, Shauna & Tonia on the trip over. Bruce answers the phone when I called Yvonne- so when he calls her to talk to me he’s like “it’s your sister, she’s on a boat on the Atlantic Ocean” too funny. 

Got into Port Aux Basques around 7:00pm – it was a quick bike ride to my AirBnB – nice family, have one of the upstairs bedrooms- like one of the family-shared bathroom. Went for a short walk, cute little town. 

Now to bed, ok I’m going watch Netflix- the new season on Sherlock Holmes is out. 


Aug 28 Day 89 18kms on the bike – The rest of the day in Rental North Sydney – Fortress of Louisbourg – Ingonish Beach Campground on the Cabot Trail


Started my day early had to pack up to get to the rental place by 830. Biked a short 18 km to Avis & picked up my renegade. First stop the Fortress of Louisbourg – I spent three hours

Exploring the Fort, it was very well done. I had a bowl of pea soup with fresh bread & tea, it was all served in the traditional way with one big spoon in the same dishes that they were used. I was sat at a table with others and had a great chat while we all ate our meals. three of them were from England and a couple from Ottawa. 

On my way to the Cabot Trail I had to stop in Sydney and get a photo with the biggest fiddle.

Then onto the Cabot Trail, I was grinning ear to ear as I climb that mountain in the car. I was so glad I wasn’t on the bike, a.) not feeling well and b.) that was crazy long hill. 

Bluetooth the phone and chatted with Shauna and then my sister Marie as I drove up & up & up & up the hills. I got so distracted with the driving knowing that I didn’t have to get to camp right away and worry about no sunlight I actually ended up getting to camp in the dark and setting up my tent by the light of my flashlight but No worries for the amount of times I’ve set that thing up I think I could’ve done with my eyes closed in the dark. 

It’s pretty easy tent to set up anyway. Now to finish this blog and go to bed. 

Aug 27 Day 88 100kms Whycocomagh – North Sydney

Had a beautiful day on the bike, went off the transcanada highway onto a scenic route that goes around Bras d’Or Lake then north to Sydney. Crossed a rivers on a small ferry, should’ve turned right after the ferry but went left accidentally so I then check my GPS to make sure I was OK. 

It had a root for me that was even shorter and so I kept going – turns out it took me through this logging road. kind of freaked myself out for about 45 minutes, I was little worried that I wasn’t coming out anywhere but I did and I think I got the best views of the day because of my detour. 

Zoom in to see all the Sea Gulls on the top of the church. 

Then back on the secondary road that I should’ve been on from the beginning. I stopped and had lunch, wonderful soup at this little restaurant. I visited with the owners and then back on the bike to North Sydney where I stayed with warm shower hosts. They had a beautiful meal made for me. 

They are from Latvia, their daughters go to school in Latvia so the whole family was preparing to leave in a couple days. So it was a little busy around the house that night but I had very nice visit with them. 

Aug 25 Day 86 90kms          Pictou – Antigonish                      Aug. 26 Day 87 105 kms                               Antigonish – Whycocomagh

So still fighting this cold. Yesterday morning started at 5:30, was woke up by people packing up their motorhome, it’s a motorhome what’s to pack up!!! Just drive it away! The tent was soaked from the dew So I took a little time getting on the road but once on the road it was a nice day. Lots of evergreen covered hills, I stayed on the transcanada highway, just wanted to make time to Antigonish because I was feeling crappy still. For every fast downhill their was a slow uphill, I was slowly climbing all day. So at 3:00 I got into town, rented a room, hung the tent between to trees at back of the hotel where my room was, & went to bed. Work up a little later to walk the 200 feet to McDonalds for supper then back to bed.  

Took this picture to show the red highways but it not the bright

Great sleep. Felt better this morning, didn’t rush to get on the road. Be lined it to Canso Causeway (Cape Breton Island) It is considered the official dividing line between Cape BretonIsland and mainland Nova Scotia. It was easy going – for all the climbing I did yesterday- it was all most all downhill today, I mean there were up hills up but it was all a decline so the uphills weren’t so bad. It rain the first half of the day, I got cold and started to feel crappy again. So I was thinking I’m not going to have the energy to do the Cabot Trail – then I had a brain wave – get to Sydney tomorrow and rent a car!!!! So that’s what I’m doing, made all the arrangements at the Info center. Have warm shower host lined up, the car rental place will store my bike, and now I can do the whole Cabot Trail, I’ll even have time to more hikes now, so cool. Then back to Sydney on Wednesday morning – return the car get back on the bike & catch the ferry. I so excited plus I can start back on the bike where I got off it so it not like I’m skipping kms across Canada. 

After the Causeway the weather got better, sun tried to come out. Made great time to Whycocomagh. 

So as I was riding today, stopped to talk to a guy that pulled up in his truck, just a really nice Nova Scotian. He said I’ll really love the Cabot Trail. Then a little further down the road I stopped to talk to a guy out in his yard working on his driveway. He told me he watch Terry Fox run by his home, that’s so amazing to have seen Terry Fox. I would have chatted longer but had a coughing fit and started sneezing too. 

 Overall a great day. 

Aug 24 Day 85 76kms + the Ferry Charlottetown – to Pictou , Nova Scotia

Still not feeling great but much better then yesterday. It turned out to be a great day to be sick because it was raining all day. Only walked to the grocery store to get some food for supper & today other then that stayed put all day. 

Got on the road by 8:00, thought I’d try to make the 11:15 ferry to Nova Scotia but it was too far, missed it by 20minutes but it gave me time to do a light house -guided tour and grab some lunch. The next one was at 1:00 so not a long wait, just long enough. 

Huge rum running business in PEI during prohibition 

A lunch kit

Ferry ride was an hour & 15 minutes. Nothing exciting- talk to the girl at Info both and got a Nova Scotia map. So now I had a better idea where I would camp tonight, originally was going to put in a longer day but I was feeling a little light headed on the ferry so found a closer campsite on the map. 

From the ferry 

Good bye PEI

In Nova Scotia – my ninth province- wow- one more to go!! 

Made camp and had a nap. Met a really nice couple from Texas, had a long chat with her before supper. After I kind of planed my trip around Cape Breton, not sure about the hills – kms work for out from campsite to campsite, I’ll talk to someone at a Info center tomorrow. Booked my ferry ride from Nova Scotia to NFLD for Aug 30 so I have 5 days in Nova Scotia.  
Good night 

Aug 22 Day 83 64 kms North Rustico – Charlottetown

Easy start to the day, knew I wasn’t going to far so no hurry. Tent was dry, first time I didn’t have to wait to dry it. I headed down to the beach, only a couple people there. It so beautiful, love the red sand, so went for a walk, the breeze was warm, let the wave wash over my feet. Felt a little lonely – would have loved to share the moment with someone. 

Cycled along the shore, ate lunch at touristy fishing port, got the fish taco, very good. Visit with a few people, mostly American. Cycled into Charlottetown on the confederate trail, it was nice to have no more hills. 

Riding in style

From Ashley’s-over 6000 + Vancouver Island

Check into the hostel, then downtown. Had my cows icecream and down to a restaurant with live music. Almost went to a live musical show. But it was about jilted women, its was supposed to be really funny and it got great reviews but I decided to go for a couple beers instead. 

Cheers. 🍺🍺

Downtown Charlottetown 

Cow’s icecream ( the island icecream)

Aug 21 Day 82 50 kms Cabot Beach Provincial Park – North Rustico

Late start to the morning it didn’t rain but the The tent was soaking wet, I guess camping so close to the Gulf of St Lawrence. Had to hang it and let it dry. 

The day was a beautiful ride, lots of Rollinghills, for every quick fast downhill there was a steep slow uphill but it was still beautiful day. Lots of little farms, fishing ports, scenery was gorgeous. The red rock Cavendish beach, absolutely gorgeous. 

Stopped for brunch in Cavendish, perfect omelette. Then on to the Anne of Green Gables Provincial site. Perfect timing, walked in the gate which was free because it’s a federal site, and they were starting walking tour, the young man that was doing it was really articulate and did a really good job. I learned a lot about the actual site and lots about Lucy Maude Montgomery. 

Small site but very well done, got a picture with Anne – she wanted to know if my sunglasses were special glasses for that solar eclipse. “Of course she was in character”

Finish the day with more coastal trail riding, ended up at a nice little campsite for the evening. Went into town for my big lobster dinner but there was a function going on so huge lobster restaurant was booked so I got myself some veggies and a sand which at the and listen to the music in the park.

After that I headed back to the campsite, did some laundry and called it a night. 

Aug 20 Day 81 122kms Bedeque PEI – Cabot Beach Provincial Park 

It was cloudy all day until about 5:00pm then the sun came out & it was a beautiful afternoon into the evening. 

I did a small loop of the west side of the island. Took lots of pictures. Stopped for lunch at fish fry along the side of the road. Visited with everyone at the picnic tables, a family from Ottawa, a couple from France (with the wife sister who was from BC) visiting their daughter that lives in PEI, and family from PEI – the husband works in Fort Mac ( they were living in Fort mac until they lost their rental in the fires last year). 

I guy who I had met on a trail in Quebec came over and said hi too – he wasn’t on his bike but he remembered me. His wife & kids are his support in a motor home so today they all came to PEI in the motor home. 

Finished the day at the provincial park at Cabot Beach. Glad the weather was nice so I can camp, they are very few options for accommodations and most are booked. I was lucky to get a room last night.