Aug 31 Day 92 64 kms Bike 86 kms Truck. Port aux Basques NFLD – Barachois Pond Provincial Park 

Today I did something I hadn’t done on this trip yet, I accepted a ride. The people I stayed with at the Air B&B were heading up the highway in the morning & offered me a ride. 

I’m a little worried about getting to St. John’s by the 12th, needing the 13th to pack up the Bike & flyout at 5:30am (be at airport at 4:00am) on the 15th. I really want to see Gros Morne Provincial Park & get off the highway to see some of the coastal towns but with limited time not sure if that was something I would get to do. So I accept the ride – about 35kms which put me at my original campsite at 1:00pm which is too early to camp, then while I’m having my lunch the owner of the campsite tells me there’s a gas station about 10kms up the road maybe I can catch a ride there to get me closer to the Provincial Park (which is 4 1/2 – 5 hours on the bike). There was no camping in between. So that’s what I did, with these really nice people. They took me to the entrance of the park. 

The campsite is really beautiful, set down in the hills (mountains) around a lake. The area here reminds me of Alberta around the mountains- going up Hyw 40 from Hinton to Grande Prairie- its low mountains that are covered in trees- pine/spruce/fir/birch with lakes & rivers throughout and one Highway and very few side roads.   
 Set up camp, because there was no towns on the route today other then two gas station I hadn’t anything fresh for supper. I had bought a sandwich at the first one for lunch but knew I had a couple of dehydrated meals with me so lasagna with meat sauce was supper with a cliff bar for dessert.  

 It rained most of the night so I’m writing this in the morning guving my tent time to dry out a bit.