Sept 3 Day 95 Gros Morne Provincial Park 

These are some of the best views of the trip!!! 
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So I’ve been downloading my pictures at full size and now I’ve run out of room on the free site to download images. It will cost me $120 to upgrade. I will try to minimize some of my old pictures. Or delete some but I won’t be paying the fee this close to finishing my trip.

So give me a couple of days or if you have Facebook- I’m there too. AcrossCanadaAdventure 


Sept 2 Day 94 8kms Gros Morne Provincial Park 

Had a wonderful breakfast with my B&B hosts, then I packed up & hit the road early, wanted to pick up the rental before the rain. I got a little truck so I loaded the bike in the back and headed straight to Gros Morne, and I timed it perfect because as soon as I stared driving the rain started coming down. I had a booking for The Western Brook boat tour. 

It wasn’t a sunny day but it wasn’t raining on us while we were on the boat so that was great just before we got on the boat I met a lady, Valerie , in the gift shop turns out she’s a really good friend of Marie’s from New Denver, they spend time in Newfoundland every summer so we made plans to meet in St John’s. 

And while I was on the boat tour I sat with this couple that were so cool Marlena was hilarious and Paul. We met later for dinner that night. Had a great time, lots of laughs. After dinner I got them to drop me off at this little pub right across from the hostal, it was where they pick me up too, I was already two beers in. 
The folks at there said they be playing music later that night & to stop back after dinner, so I did. It was just a bunch of locals and few other people from the hostal, the music was one guitar in an ugly sick but it was sure fun. I got home just after midnight, it’s morning now , I’m using the Wi-Fi here getting a blog done and Then I’ll doing a couple hikes, weathers better today.