Sept 4th Day 96 42kms -Bike  170 kms – 18Wheeler – Big Rig – Semi  Deer Lake Airport – Grand Fall – Windsor

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Three hours of sleep – an upset stomach (I should know better -fast food) 134 kms to the nearest campsite – then add pissing down rain (which means tenting in the rain) I decided that pulling into a gas station/ restaurant and asking for a ride was the most perfect decision of the day!!!  

So spent just shy of two hours waiting for a truck going east, with an empty box, & room for me in the cab – it never happened. 

Had a wonderful family explain the “whole story” “my whole sad story of the day, lol ” to a DRL -coach driver, figured that he should put me & the bike on a full bus. They were so determined for me, cool. 

Then the best part, a transport pulls in – parks -the “wonderful family” tells me make sure you ask for a ride, he’s got lots of room for your bike. So the driver (Ryan) does ask me if I need a ride but he’s waiting for another truck – when (Leigh) shows up they need to drop off his load on the other truck then they’ll be back for lunch. So two truck drivers – “OK” Then they have lunch, they’re a pair of comedians- the waitress are throwing it back as fast they throw it out, they’re regulars “OK”. And Leigh reminds me of my little (not so little) brother Todd, Anyways my gut is telling me “all good”. So the bike went on the trailer- total respect- tied my Surly down tight, she wasn’t moving anywhere. Then sit back, relax, laugh, smile and enjoy the ride. These two are quite the brothers of the highway, always watching each others back, and joking with each other over the radio the whole trip. They had me laughing the entire time. Put me a day ahead too, because of the rain I went all the way to Grand Fall-Windsor to get a room. Big thanks 

The BnB is the cutest- not too small, not too big – just right room & the bathroom is the dormer.   

A little sun ☀️ on the weather app for tomorrow. 😊👍