Aug 30 Day 91 10 kms North Sydney NS – Port aux Basques NFLD

Returned the Rental (Good-bye my little piece of heaven) by 9:00 this morning. Loaded the gear back on the bike and was off the few kms to the ferry.

 I was told to be there by 9:45 for a departure time of 11:45 which I thought was early for a ferry but they start boarding around 10:00 then you are I n the ferry till it leaves, so that was great. 

It wasn’t busy, lots of choice for seats. Drank a iceberg beer in the bar too, local craft beer, they use the water from a iceberg to make it. I will be having another one, smooth. I remembered to get myself a couple of new books too, I kept forgetting so there was a couple of nights with no internet service, I was pretty bored in the tent, just went sleep. I’m almost done the first one from the ferry ride though, no internet there. 

There was cell service, talked to Todd, Yvonne, Shauna & Tonia on the trip over. Bruce answers the phone when I called Yvonne- so when he calls her to talk to me he’s like “it’s your sister, she’s on a boat on the Atlantic Ocean” too funny. 

Got into Port Aux Basques around 7:00pm – it was a quick bike ride to my AirBnB – nice family, have one of the upstairs bedrooms- like one of the family-shared bathroom. Went for a short walk, cute little town. 

Now to bed, ok I’m going watch Netflix- the new season on Sherlock Holmes is out.