Aug 29 Day 90 In the Rental The Cabot Trail


Drove the rest of the trail today, got out many times through out the day. Hiked into a couple of waterfalls. It’s was beautiful weather, it’s was a beautiful day. 


Aug 28 Day 89 18kms on the bike – The rest of the day in Rental North Sydney – Fortress of Louisbourg – Ingonish Beach Campground on the Cabot Trail


Started my day early had to pack up to get to the rental place by 830. Biked a short 18 km to Avis & picked up my renegade. First stop the Fortress of Louisbourg – I spent three hours

Exploring the Fort, it was very well done. I had a bowl of pea soup with fresh bread & tea, it was all served in the traditional way with one big spoon in the same dishes that they were used. I was sat at a table with others and had a great chat while we all ate our meals. three of them were from England and a couple from Ottawa. 

On my way to the Cabot Trail I had to stop in Sydney and get a photo with the biggest fiddle.

Then onto the Cabot Trail, I was grinning ear to ear as I climb that mountain in the car. I was so glad I wasn’t on the bike, a.) not feeling well and b.) that was crazy long hill. 

Bluetooth the phone and chatted with Shauna and then my sister Marie as I drove up & up & up & up the hills. I got so distracted with the driving knowing that I didn’t have to get to camp right away and worry about no sunlight I actually ended up getting to camp in the dark and setting up my tent by the light of my flashlight but No worries for the amount of times I’ve set that thing up I think I could’ve done with my eyes closed in the dark. 

It’s pretty easy tent to set up anyway. Now to finish this blog and go to bed. 

Aug 27 Day 88 100kms Whycocomagh – North Sydney

Had a beautiful day on the bike, went off the transcanada highway onto a scenic route that goes around Bras d’Or Lake then north to Sydney. Crossed a rivers on a small ferry, should’ve turned right after the ferry but went left accidentally so I then check my GPS to make sure I was OK. 

It had a root for me that was even shorter and so I kept going – turns out it took me through this logging road. kind of freaked myself out for about 45 minutes, I was little worried that I wasn’t coming out anywhere but I did and I think I got the best views of the day because of my detour. 

Zoom in to see all the Sea Gulls on the top of the church. 

Then back on the secondary road that I should’ve been on from the beginning. I stopped and had lunch, wonderful soup at this little restaurant. I visited with the owners and then back on the bike to North Sydney where I stayed with warm shower hosts. They had a beautiful meal made for me. 

They are from Latvia, their daughters go to school in Latvia so the whole family was preparing to leave in a couple days. So it was a little busy around the house that night but I had very nice visit with them.