Aug 25 Day 86 90kms          Pictou – Antigonish                      Aug. 26 Day 87 105 kms                               Antigonish – Whycocomagh

So still fighting this cold. Yesterday morning started at 5:30, was woke up by people packing up their motorhome, it’s a motorhome what’s to pack up!!! Just drive it away! The tent was soaked from the dew So I took a little time getting on the road but once on the road it was a nice day. Lots of evergreen covered hills, I stayed on the transcanada highway, just wanted to make time to Antigonish because I was feeling crappy still. For every fast downhill their was a slow uphill, I was slowly climbing all day. So at 3:00 I got into town, rented a room, hung the tent between to trees at back of the hotel where my room was, & went to bed. Work up a little later to walk the 200 feet to McDonalds for supper then back to bed.  

Took this picture to show the red highways but it not the bright

Great sleep. Felt better this morning, didn’t rush to get on the road. Be lined it to Canso Causeway (Cape Breton Island) It is considered the official dividing line between Cape BretonIsland and mainland Nova Scotia. It was easy going – for all the climbing I did yesterday- it was all most all downhill today, I mean there were up hills up but it was all a decline so the uphills weren’t so bad. It rain the first half of the day, I got cold and started to feel crappy again. So I was thinking I’m not going to have the energy to do the Cabot Trail – then I had a brain wave – get to Sydney tomorrow and rent a car!!!! So that’s what I’m doing, made all the arrangements at the Info center. Have warm shower host lined up, the car rental place will store my bike, and now I can do the whole Cabot Trail, I’ll even have time to more hikes now, so cool. Then back to Sydney on Wednesday morning – return the car get back on the bike & catch the ferry. I so excited plus I can start back on the bike where I got off it so it not like I’m skipping kms across Canada. 

After the Causeway the weather got better, sun tried to come out. Made great time to Whycocomagh. 

So as I was riding today, stopped to talk to a guy that pulled up in his truck, just a really nice Nova Scotian. He said I’ll really love the Cabot Trail. Then a little further down the road I stopped to talk to a guy out in his yard working on his driveway. He told me he watch Terry Fox run by his home, that’s so amazing to have seen Terry Fox. I would have chatted longer but had a coughing fit and started sneezing too. 

 Overall a great day.