Aug 22 Day 83 64 kms North Rustico – Charlottetown

Easy start to the day, knew I wasn’t going to far so no hurry. Tent was dry, first time I didn’t have to wait to dry it. I headed down to the beach, only a couple people there. It so beautiful, love the red sand, so went for a walk, the breeze was warm, let the wave wash over my feet. Felt a little lonely – would have loved to share the moment with someone. 

Cycled along the shore, ate lunch at touristy fishing port, got the fish taco, very good. Visit with a few people, mostly American. Cycled into Charlottetown on the confederate trail, it was nice to have no more hills. 

Riding in style

From Ashley’s-over 6000 + Vancouver Island

Check into the hostel, then downtown. Had my cows icecream and down to a restaurant with live music. Almost went to a live musical show. But it was about jilted women, its was supposed to be really funny and it got great reviews but I decided to go for a couple beers instead. 

Cheers. šŸŗšŸŗ

Downtown Charlottetown 

Cow’s icecream ( the island icecream)


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