Aug 21 Day 82 50 kms Cabot Beach Provincial Park – North Rustico

Late start to the morning it didn’t rain but the The tent was soaking wet, I guess camping so close to the Gulf of St Lawrence. Had to hang it and let it dry. 

The day was a beautiful ride, lots of Rollinghills, for every quick fast downhill there was a steep slow uphill but it was still beautiful day. Lots of little farms, fishing ports, scenery was gorgeous. The red rock Cavendish beach, absolutely gorgeous. 

Stopped for brunch in Cavendish, perfect omelette. Then on to the Anne of Green Gables Provincial site. Perfect timing, walked in the gate which was free because it’s a federal site, and they were starting walking tour, the young man that was doing it was really articulate and did a really good job. I learned a lot about the actual site and lots about Lucy Maude Montgomery. 

Small site but very well done, got a picture with Anne – she wanted to know if my sunglasses were special glasses for that solar eclipse. “Of course she was in character”

Finish the day with more coastal trail riding, ended up at a nice little campsite for the evening. Went into town for my big lobster dinner but there was a function going on so huge lobster restaurant was booked so I got myself some veggies and a sand which at the and listen to the music in the park.

After that I headed back to the campsite, did some laundry and called it a night. 


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