Aug 19 Day 80 115kms Moncton NB – Bedeque PEI Ā 

I Left Melissa’s around 8:00am in the rain and it continued to rain all day. Went down to Parlee Beach – the water is so warm but it wasn’t a good day for swimming.  

Took the wrong road today for awhile – added a few kms to the day, should have know, the road was inclining for way to long to be headed towards the coast. Got back heading east and straight for PEI. 

Crossed over the Confederation Bridge in a shuttle because bikers are not allowed to cycle across. So saved myself 13kms on long wet day. 

Ended my day at a little motel – to dry out & warm up. 


Aug 18 Day 79 102kms Coles Island (at T & T Campground) – Moncton

Watched the fog lift off the river this morning while the geese were swimming. Very peaceful. 

Packed up to head to Moncton- a warm showers host home tonight. 

The road went through a lot of farms, dairies, and some what looked like crown land with quad trails – so I’m thinking some hunting area. 

Took a back road, very quiet, needed something to eat so went off route a bit to a huge truck/car stop. Grab some grub and sat down at a picnic bench with this lovely couple Ken and Marie – they were heading to the tall ships in Fundy almost wanted to throw the bike in the back of the truck and go with them, they offered. While we sat, visited and had our lunch we listen to a little bit a Newfoundland, a man was playing his accordion and singing. šŸ˜Š


Once I got into Moncton, I had one short stop then to my host’s house. On the way there I saw this lady who was walking on the sidewalk, she said to me, “you must be almost done for the day? Do you got a place to stay? We have put up bikers before.” Wow people are so kind, thanked her & chatted a while. 

My host was great, her name is Melissa she’s a teacher and very proud of Acadian. We decided to go out for dinner together so I cleaned up showered and she had to finish doing her garlic and some gardening work and then we headed out to this wonderful restaurant. It’s an old heritage house, The meals are served in three courses, you have a couple options on which serving you can order. it was amazing we had a waitress but the chef brought out her food. 

It was delicious then after dinner Melissa showed me the Aberdeen Cultural Centre – The Festival of Acadian Rock was happening upstairs, an art gallery though out, another wonderful restaurant, it’s a place were she has worked and very much enjoys. She was so easy to talk to, she was telling me how she has volunteered all over the world with different organization. She said it’s so much better than traveling or backpacking because you really get to see how the people live, something I might think about doing in the future. After we went over to her sisters (three house down from her) I really enjoyed meeting her family & friends, it was nice evening chatting but I had to call it a night so headed back to her house and crashed.