Aug 17 Day 78 94kms Fredericton – Coles Island (at T & T Campground) 

Well today I can really tell that I needed that rest day. Feel so much better today on the bike. Oh, I found a private bathroom downstairs in the hostel with a shower so that was good this morning. Ya sharing a swinging door between the showers & the toilets in a co/ed bathroom wasn’t going to happen. 


Walking/bike bridge leaving Fredericton 

Fredericton from the walking bridge

Got a new mirror then hit the road, wind at my back, so I was making amazing time. Took the 105 -which is a secondary road, alone the river for most of the day. Very beautiful, more little churches, farms and homes along the way. 

River really shallow in the middle

A potatoe

 The river must have flooded not to long ago, there was few time that debris was up onto the road.

Switch onto the Trans Canada Highway for the last part of the day. It was just like the Highway in the Prairies -wide shoulder, double lanes and the wind at my back. 😊

I was at the campground by 2:00 which was great, lots of time to chill. Most of the site is seasonal camping. They own a golf course too. I’ll make some dinner soon then a walk. Wind is blowing like crazy, glad it was at my back today. 


2 thoughts on “Aug 17 Day 78 94kms Fredericton – Coles Island (at T & T Campground) 

  1. Hi Anne,

    How many km’s have you clocked?
    It doesn’t show on the Instagram account or here on WordPress…
    A pic of your odomoter would give us all chills.



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