Aug 16 Day 77 26kms Mactaquac Provincial Park – Fredericton

The park beach from the Bridge 

The bridge from the park beach

Rest day – booked my flight home☹️ Booked my hotel for the flight. Arranged for a bike box for the flight. 

Crash on this small portion on the trail, wasn’t expecting the already bad trail to get worse- hit the rock- shoe didn’t unclip in time- went down- broke my mirror (loved my mirror- was hard to find one that worked with my shifters)

Got the bike serviced – great store Savage’s Bicycle Center- they had me write a story in their book of cyclists. Neat idea. Really cool staff – Matt gave me some route tips. 

Stayed at the hostel – not cool like the ones in Montreal and Quebec City. Old rundown building- I had to go to the Campus to register & get my keys then the hostel is off campus about four blocks, I’m the only woman here, only co-ed bathroom (showers) on my floor. Seen a couple single toilet downstairs but no shower. Then tomorrow have go back to the campus-all uphill to get my deposit back & return keys. Not my thing 
Feeling rested 😊


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