Aug 14 Day 75 114 kms Saint-Jacques to Perth-Andover

Woke up to children chatting away in French, they were in the next campsite. Didn’t know what they were saying but I enjoyed the little voices. 

Was on trail only for a bit this morning other then that I traveled the Highway all day but very little traffic. At one point I was leaving Grand Falls on a trail when a guy who had turn off the road honk at me to let me know it was a terrible trail, it would be better to stay on the road. Glad he took the time to let me know. 

My view across the river for most of the day was the State of Main – beautiful. Still lots of churches & huge graveyards, these today had flowers on almost all the tombstones. Kind of pretty. 

Stopped at Grand Falls, which had been damed so there was nothing grand about the Falls. But they did have pictures of them in spring when there’s more water flowing. After I went down the the gorge – quick trip down – neat to see – lots of steps (401) so good stretch for the legs off the bike. 

Ended my day at a campsite – grab some groceries – so many chip/burger shops ( that where supper would have been the closest) but grab a salad, watermelon & some bread instead. Listen to my iTunes, ate, & planned tomorrow.