Aug 13 Day 74 122 kms Rivière-du-Loup – Saint-Jacques 

Today started off cloudy with a little rain, thought it was going to be repeat of yesterday but as I got further away from the St Lawrence river the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day. 

I had wait till Canadian Tire opened at 8:00am – I bought a heavy duty bike lock for the cities, not knowing where the hostels would have the bikes stored but both hostel had an inclosed private area for the bikes so I never used the lock – it was $45 & I’m sure it weighed 10lbs. Glad to get rid of it. 

Good climb out of Rivière-du-Loup today, once I was out of town (2km) I was on the Petit-Temis Interprovincial Trail (La Route Verte #8) The trail is 130 km to Edmundston. It was a inclined for the first couple hours but easy to peddle then the rest of the day I flew, average speed 25 km/hr & up to 30km/hr at times. The whole route has ample picnic tables, toilets and there are camping site the first half of the trail. Just beautifully done.

I’m in a new time zone again -Atlantic Standard Time. Only one more to go. 

In my 7th Province Now too – crossed in to New Brunswick!!!! I’m in the Maritimes. Cool

I’m camped just out of Saint-Jacques (just before Edmundston) at the provincial park. It is set up with cycling site for only $11.00 for myself. Free showers too. Awesome!! Really nice park with Botanical Gardens right next door. Maybe I’ll check it out in the morning. 


Nice to be able to speak English without feeling like I should know more French. Everyone I had to deal with spoke English in Quebec, sometimes not really good but we may it work, and once I use the Google translate on my phone to explain what I needed and the lady wasn’t offended she thought it was kind of cool. Not one person was rude to me the whole time I was in Quebec. 

But I do have an amazing smile and eyes & a face that expose my thoughts- which were alway genuinely friendly. I never prejudged anyone and I went into every conversation with a good attitude. I will learn more French. 
Good night