Aug 11 Day 72 94kms Quebec City to Saint Jean-Port-Joli

Breakfast-loaded the bike-checked out. 

Took the ferry across the St. Lawrence River to Lévis (where the British attacked the French). 

There is a beautiful view of Old Quebec from there. 

Stopped to buy some cheese and bread

Then rode the 132 all along the River to my campground tonight. More charming villages, the houses were getting a more nautical theme. The St. Lawrence River is salty now it smells different. 

The little town I’m in tonight is really really cute, it’s full of artists. It has a lot of little stores with different artists selling their wares. 

Only Two more sleeps in Quebec- wow. 


Aug 10 Day 71  0kms Quebec City 


My roommates were off whale watching – wished them good luck. Then downstairs for breakfast at the hostel – nothing fancy but it does the job. 

I joined a group from the hostel to do a walking tour of old Quebec City. The tour guild was really good, learned a lot & some was a refresher from history class.  

The Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec was truly amazing, its beauty was breathtaking, my pictures won’t do it justice. But it bothereds me at the same time to think this money was given to the church and they spent it on extravagance, all the churches in this province. I can’t get over the money that was spent on a building these places of worship. 

Old Quebec is so beautiful but my favorite was the cannon ball in the roots of the tree, lol. Learned I want about the architecture, which country influenced what style. 

After the tour went out for lunch checked off another Quebec favorite, smoked meat sandwich, with a beer. 

Second tour was to les Chutes Montmerency with almost the same bunch of people that did the Old Quebec tour, cool bunch. Great company – exchange Facebook with a few. Our guide was from the hostel, younger guy, laid-back, pretty relaxed trip to the falls. 

When we got back almost the group were going to the circus and fireworks but I did that the night before so I said my goodbyes, maybe meet up with them in the bar later on. 

Did some more exploring of my own, beautiful streets, lots of people, very very busy. Grab some supper and watch some street performers, those guys are really talented. The good ones make some good money I think. But with all the walking I was exhausted, so even though I was in the beautiful city I headed back to the dorm. Met another new roommate from Kelowna, young girl on her own. Shared what little tips I had and where I found this really cool vintage shop, not in a tourist area. After that I called it a night watched a movie on Netflix and fell fast asleep.