Aug 9 Day 70 39kms Saint-Antoine-De-Tilly to Quebec City 

Took my time cycling the few km I had today. Check-in wasn’t till 2:00 but thought I could ride slow into the city & see some things along the way. Passed some apple orchards & a couple of small vineyards today – wanted to pick an apple but scared I’d get chased off.  

Crossing the St Lawrence river

I have my wing, so I can fly

Rode the shoulder till I was to the city then awesome bike paths, but as soon as I crossed the street into Old Quebec it turn to into a narrow very, very steep hill. Put the bike into the lowest gear & then still had to get of & push it up the hills, road turn to cobblestone too. A few short streets (hills) and I was a the Hostel. 

The first hill

I was early but was able to shower and do some laundry, they had a luggage room for my stuff and I locked up the bike in there secured patio space. Cool atmosphere, lots of young people of course but there are few of us old birds too. Check-in at 2:00 then out to the city. I left the old city for tomorrow & headed to more of an local area for stroll. 

Patio at hostel 

These were so neat, on wires so they looked like they were floating

Finished the night at a “FREE” performance- a cirque de soleil type, they were amazing with all live music too. Met a great couple in the line up, Danny spoke more English so he translated but Edith could understand very well & spoke English pretty good too. We all sat together for the show then watched the the Fireworks. We shared stories, even pictures of our children and contact info. A Really wonderful couple.  

Fireworks were long and spectacular- happy faces-hearts-others I’d never seen before too. When it was over a mass exit of over 2,000 people on the streets – so glad I was walking not trying to drive. Once in the old city there were street performers, music, people still out for dinner. I stayed out for a bit longer but headed back to hostel because I was tired. Met my roommates then to sleep. 
Tomorrow the old city.