Aug 8 Day 69 112 kms. Nicolet to Saint-Antoine-De-Tilly 

What a beautiful day! I left Claude, Catherine & Naomi this morning by 8:00. Did a little grocery shopping and had some breakfast before leaving Nicolet. 

Love these house along the street in Nicolet

Followed the river all day. Passing by me on my right were corn, soya beans and now a few wheat fields. There were a lot of farm houses with barns. On my left were mostly homes, older ones with such color & character. A lot of stone & brick homes too. All most all these homes were river fronts with beautiful yards. There were double gliding chairs, porch swings, flag poles (only saw 3 Canada flags & 2 of them were with Quebec flags but many many Quebec flags – only province like that. Usually it’s the other way around 3 provincial to hundreds of Canadian).  

Harvest time

Lots of barns with silos – this was a dairy 

Churches were in every town – huge massive churches – steeples that reach higher then anything else in the town. There wasn’t a time when I looked across the St Lawrence that I couldn’t see a church in the distance view either. The money that would have been spent to build them. There were many Crosses on front yards, Jesus on the cross too. Very, very evident catholic presence. 

These are three different villages churches- the villages are small. I can’t get over how massive these are compared to the size of the village

Tombstones were huge too

A cross with a church in the distance 

Just  along the road – animal pens behind 

This was the only modern church I saw, but huge. 

I followed the La Route Verte 3 (cycling route) all day – most was road but did have some trails. My google wanted me to take a faster route but Claude suggested along the river to see all the villages – I think I went through about 8 or 9 of them. So glad I did the river. 

This paved trail was just made on the left side of a gravel road, wow

Staying under the radar in a town park tonight- close to bathrooms. Asked the girls working at Cheese Store if they knew of a park, they weren’t sure, one spoke pretty ok English, but she did gave me a really good biking guide. Then where I had supper at a little diner got some more help- decided I was going to just camp in town, so they warned me the playschool might be out there in the morning. Plus one offered me her lawn but I have a bathroom at the park. So who said Quebecers aren’t friendly & they will speak English. 

The view coming into Saint-Antoine-De-Tilly 

Off to Quebec City tomorrow booked in at hostel again. Only a couple hours away then I’ll enjoy old Quebec. 
Bonne Nuit