Aug 7. Day 68. 137 kms Montreal-NicoletĀ 

I had a great evening in Montreal, more sightseeing, street performance, and the hostel had a comedy night, it was pretty good, one of the comedian was even from Just for Laughs. Then off to bed because I knew I had a long day on the bike so up early. 

It was cloudy out but the clouds made it cool for riding. Getting out of the city was pretty easy, just followed my google map but I did have a small crash. Going through some barriers on the bridge that make you do a S turn through them, didn’t quite get my front wheel through, my bag hit the barrier & down went the bike, good scratch on my one calve. No worries šŸ˜‰ I’ll be fine. 

Most of the day it was bike trails or bike lanes, until the last few kms. Easy ride, felt like I was on the prairies again. 

Staying with Claude and Catherine and her little daughter tonight. Really good people Claude had done an across Canada tour in 2015, so we traded some stories. He helped me plan the next couple night heading into Quebec City too. Had take out pizza for supper, it was really good. 
Tiered – Good night.