Aug 6 Day 67 Montreal

The ride into the city was so bike friendly, bike lanes in the suburbs, lights for bikers, bike trails in the city all along the waterfront. Got booked in my hostel, which is really cool, kitchen, lounge & a bar down stairs. Then walked to Gay Neighborhood and Old Montreal. 

Before the city

In the suburbs 

Starting into the city

My hostel 

Gay Village

Old Montreal 

Takuthon – Anime festival 

American pavilion

The home on by the Trudeau’s 

 The mail carriers have to go up the stairs to deliver the mail to the mailboxes at the door and they’re streets of them 

Living art the shepherd & his sheep

The old with the new, everywhere you look

Lots of people

A street where you can bring your own wine

Today I did lots of walking.

Had to have a poutine.  And a Begel – tastes of Montreal