Aug 4th Day 65 113 kms Ottawa – Hawkesbury

Very tired tonight, I was a little hungover from my pitcher of sangrias + a glass this morning and it was pouring rain too. so I waited it out – left a 9:15 – then there was no rain all day!!! 

I wanted to do the trails along the Ottawa River so that ate up some time then my app took me to this amazing trail system, The Prescott Russell trail. It’s was a ways south of the river so I did have go through traffic for about 20 minutes this morning then about again 30 minutes at the end of my day. It’s a old rail bed packed with small gravel that goes almost from Ottawa to Montreal. The good thing about old railroad there no hills but then there is no down hill either, no resting, I was constantly peddling in the gravel all day. It was so nice not to have traffic, I could relax & let my mind wonder. Went through mostly farm land- corn & soya beans. The sun was hot too so I was done when I finally got into Hawkesbury. Cleaned up & went out for dinner. 

Thought of Euclid Tremblay tonight has I ate my huge plate of spaghetti and sauce with a spoon for twisting. And I’m all most in His home town area too. 

Early morning tomorrow- I’m cycling right into downtown Montreal where I’ve booked a hostel. This is a real hostel, six bunks – all women. The first one I phone only had a 15 bunk room left that was co ed. And after last night, The comedian did a bit about hostels and what happens in hostels (flagging) so there was no way I was bunking with guys. lol
Good night all.


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