Aug 3 Day 65 Ottawa

Had a great day in Ottawa, bike some more trails. Did some more sightseeing. Went to a comedy show, got on the wrong bus, but off again quick to head home.

I forgot to say I had a great visit yesterday evening with Melissa but more so with her friend, Jeff. He had lots of questions for me, not the usual ones, made me think for a couple of the answers. Learned they don’t sell BajaRosa in Ontario, lol, might have to send him a bottle. Mel was more of a beer drinker, she had a old style fridge in the living room for kegs, taps on the door. Too cool.

Experimental farm in behind my host home.

We were practicing behind our parking lot I could hear the band through the trees I went to 

The art gallery with the big spider, and more of Parliament Hill

Trudeau cookies

Along the river

It was Thursday, lol they ran out of Thursday tickets