Aug 1 Day 63 104kms Pembroke – Arnprior

No motor so made my collection of bike pictures 

The Day started with Pilates, packing up and a home cooked breakfast with Lori & Stan. Complete with baked beans, 2nd time I’ve had them here for breakfast- it’s a east coast thing. Mmmm good. Table was Canada theme. Said good bye- I so enjoyed meeting them both.!!!!

Park at Pembroke

I took a little longer route then I needed to get to Arnprior today, miss a turn but then I just cross the busy highway & enjoy cycling through beautiful farm country. Met back up to the original route, along the Ottawa River, it so peaceful. 

On the road – only a matter of time. šŸ˜µ

I saved his life

Safe on the side of the road or he turns around and heads for the road šŸ˜‚

Arnprior had a lot of construction happening so only stopped for a bit. Bought a cute little book. My Warm Showers Hosts (Laura & Bob) lived another 15 km east. Beautiful home, they done a lot of work, it’s still has the original farm house hard wood floors in the kitchen but most of it has be renovated. Laura was working – Horse trainer or Equestrian Skill Builder, Bob made dinner and visited. When Laura got home, more visiting and I got out my Ottawa trail maps & together we figured out the route into Ottawa to my next host’s home. Really like talking with them, they have done a cycling tour though Portugal. So cool.