July 30 Day 61 110kms Mattawa -Deep River

So I don’t think the Catholic School is on Summer time, woke up  to church (school) bells at 8:00. I’m usually up by 8:00 but I think I was tired out from yesterday. Packed up, stop & got some new batteries for the odometer, it didn’t work all day yesterday but today it was good. Went to the restaurant I was at last night and did my blog. They were closed but always nice when you have their Wi-Fi from the night before. 

 I went for pancake breakfast at the Lions Club. The people were so kind I got my breakfast for free when I told them I was biking across Canada. Was asked to sit with one of the councilman, locals and a historian, chatted and ate pancakes and syrup. 

So I was late getting on the road again it was 11 o’clock and the sun was up and hot so hills & heat again today . Just out of Mattawa this truck pulled over & a lady I had seen In town gets  out, wanted to know if I needed anything. We talk a little, her name was Ethel, she was 81 and a newlywed, only been married for 4 months to her 91 old husband. So awesome. 

Drank a lot of water, at one of the rest stops asked how far it was to the next gas station because I needed water & was given two bottles. People are good. 

As I was getting closer to Deep River where I was staying at a warm showers host for the night, a car pulled over and it’s my host, they were heading to Mattawa for the music so they told me how to get to their house and I get to stay in a little guest cabin. got there, unpacked and showered.

My view from my door

No bed but no bugs either and I don’t need to set up the tent. 

 I went into town and had supper. Shauna phoned so that was nice to have dinner in a way with someone. I’m back at the cabin, tired again tonight, I think I’ll hit the sack early. Beautiful spot that I’m staying, their home is right on the Ottawa River. They have a private sandy beach so I think I will get up and go for a swim in the morning.