July 29 Day 60 116 Kms Sturgeon Falls – Mattawa 

So a most excellent day. Started my day with some Pilates on a dock on the river at the campsite. 

Michelle, a cousins of Gina (the owner) was there this weekend, she’s a yoga instructor snd she put on a class last night but I was one beer in and starving and wanted to eat so I didn’t go. But did I get the special treatment this morning, after chatting awhile with her & Gina’s sister, She had me lay down and used a tuning fork ( it makes a vibration then placed on on the spine) on my back then she finished with rubbing oil into my brow& temples. It was so peaceful. She gave me A little bottle of essential oil (Citrus) for when I need that little pick me up. Beautiful lady. 

I never left till 11:00 & it was already 26 out and getting hotter. I was on the highway till North 

Bay then my GPS took me through the bike trails. Stopped for lunch at the beach, met some really nice people, they were waiting for a concert in the park to begin.

My treat, hamburger cupcake

On the way out of North Bay the GPS took me on small roads, through acreage and farmland, beautiful scenery but there were so many short steep hills and with the heat & the hills Im completely worn out today. I haven’t use my first and second gears as much as I did today since back in BC through the mountains. When I did get back to the highway I had 28 kms to go, it was 5:30 so I didn’t get into Mattawa until around 7:00. 

The church I slept behind, St. Anne’s Church

I knew the campgrounds were full because there’s a big festival going on so I went straight to the church and I’m tenting in behind the church which is only 2 minute walk up the hill from the bandstand, (and the Porta potties). The music is very loud, which is cool, so I’m being serenaded till around 2 o’clock in the morning.