July 28 Day 59 91 kms Sudbury – Sturgeon Falls

After I napped yesterday I went downtown, didn’t really do too much got something to eat ended up going to chapters but a couple books but the ones that work do you have any pack. Headed back to the room playing on my phone for a while and then went to sleep. 

Sunset at the college 

This yard was so cute with the bears, 3D carvings, ones under the tree, & two more standing up too.

Lots of solar in Ontario 

So when I was leaving Sudbury today did something funny. My odometer wasn’t working so I was checking out the part that’s on the wheel pulled, over by a tree. Thought  I should change the battery, then started off down road. It still wasn’t working, so pulled over again to check the other part of it that’s up by the handlebars. Just then a Hydro truck pulled over, they had seen me working on the bike by the tree. Asked if needed any help, I’m like “No , it’s just my odometer”. But then I look back towards my wheel &!see my toolkit sittingthet, I realized that my sleeping bag my air mattress everything I took out of my bag was still back at the tree. so I’m like you guys are a help thank you so much I would’ve kept going if you haven’t stopped and talk to me. I headed back to get my stuff, the sleeping bag was over $150. 
With the odometer working now, I headed down the highway. Crazy highway small shoulders really busy but people were good, truckers pulled over when they could. This guy passed me and pulled off the road ahead of me, knew he wanted to talk. He was out of his vehicle so I stopped and talk to him for about 20 minutes. He was really excited for me something he always wanted to do and he’s in a spot in his life where he’s got the time and he might do a short tour in September. 

In Sturgeon Falls 

Got into Sturgis Falls and went to my campground, KOA one. They had a barbecue I could use so didn’t have any protein just vegetables that I had bought in from a farmers market on the road. So set up camp and then into town but some chicken and some sweet potato and had a great supper, cooked on the BBQ. Got myself some ginger beer too it was OK. 

Cheers & Good night 


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