July 26 (morning of July 27) Day 57 0kms Longlac

Today was a waiting for the train day. Original arrival time was 1:05 pm but everyone said it would be late. Had a crazy thunder/lighting storm the night before so I took my time packing up while my tent dried out. Rearrange my gear wasn’t sure how the train would want to load the bike & my bags. Went to the library to do some booking for the next few days and print the boarding pass. So after phoning VIA rail learn the train was very late 10:30. 

Renaud who I met the day before stopped into Robins Donuts where I was hanging out using WiFi & offer to show me around a bit, went out to his brother & wife cabin on Margo Lake (think that’s the name of the lake), beautiful greenish/blue lake and the water wasn’t cold, only walked in. Really nice people, they live in Fort Mac – come to the cabin for summer holidays. Dinner the waited some more time, train didn’t get to Longlac till 12:00 – so 11 hours late for a 12 hr train ride. Lol Renaud stay & visited till then, station was closed and nothing around. That was kind of him, said he was worried about the bears. 

Sunset at Longlac

When the train did arrive they loaded my bike with all the bags, never had to do anything to it. 👍

Sarah Hunder & John Hunder look what they had on the train to pass the time. 

That’s why the train so late, CN Get first priority, so we’re pulled over and stopped as this freight train goes by. And there’s lots a freight train. 

So never saw any scenery till daybreak, mostly trees/lakes but nice. Got into Sudbury around 12:00pm which made my room booking work out better because I had change it for July 27 (not the 26 or I’d been checking out at 12:00 with only a few hours sleep) so now I have the night & the morning. 

Shower & Nap – didn’t really sleep on the train. Was my first train – so in this trip I’ve traveled by Ferry ⛴ Airplane 🛩 Greyhound 🚍 Rail 🚞 & Bike 🚲 Cool.