July 25 Day 56 44kms Geraldton- Longlac 

Easy day, took my time cycling- check out the provincial park on the way to Longlac. Got into town found the train station. Everyone I spoke to said it is alway late, hope its not too late would like to watch the country side go by. It’s my first time on a train, I’m excited to try something different & save 7 days on the bike, looking at mostly trees. I decided to do the train because it gave me the time to cycle NFLD. Hoping I’ll be on the trail tomorrow close to the 1:00 departure time. So I will likely not post tomorrow, I don’t get into Sudbury till 1:30am & that’s if the trains on time. 

Said goodbye to Hugo this morning- glad I met him. 

Part of the gold mine at Geraldton 

Along the way. 

Old, vandalize church in Longlac

Went down to the laundromat, had a beer with these guys, middle guy owns laundromat, waited for clothes my dry & shot the sh*t

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