July 24 Day 55 90kms Beardmore – GeraldtonĀ 

Another beautiful day, sun, sun, & sun. It a good thing I love the sun and don’t mind the heat. Drank a lot of water needed to fill my water bottles a couple of times. Stopped at some construction where there were a couple of Moterbike on the side of the road, the Harley was broken down, two couples going across Canada, Alberta to Nova Scotia. So the women are like ” aren’t you scared?” “What about bears?” These are questions I get all the time, I’m not scared, told them anything could happen to them too, flip the bikes, break down in the middle of nowhere, lol cause that’s where we were. But I thought later about the bears, I wear a whistle so if I see a bear ahead I can use it to let them know I there, hopefully they would run off. But I haven’t see a bear since the island, and I think it’s because I’m cycling in the heat of the day, the bears rather be in the shade. So I hope I keep getting hot days. 

Got into Geraldton around 3:00, tried the ladies at the post office- if they knew where a biker could stay. They tried, made some phone calls but it looked like the provincial park was going to be camping spot for the night (Big $$) didn’t think it would be safe just camping at a park because they have a bears that come into town. So said thanks and went for a bit of bike ride down & around town, then I thought I google Catholic Church, the priest might know someone. 

Well it turn out that Hugo (the deacon, soon to be an ordained priest) invites me to stay there, in a room, with bathroom for own, bike in the garage, and he takes me out for dinner. He’s a young deacon, only been at this parish for 4 months. I really liked him, easy to talk too, with some new ideas for the parish- there’s a funeral soon of young, native man (15) and the family wants to do the drumming ceremony outside as people come in. He then invites them to continue inside the church and to do a smudging ceremony inside as well. I think he will good for the community. He’s restoring the hardwood floors in the rectory too, they were plywood, then linoleum tiled over as well as cleaning the place up big time, there hadn’t be a priest for two years. He showed me around the church, it was huge!! We chatted for quite a while too. 

Now this is the cool part this is Saint Theresa Parish. So maybe Theresa had something to do with me finding a safe place to stay the night. Hugo gave me a Saint Theresa rosary, card & metal. Blessed the rosary and me. 

This is hanging above the my bed, very appropriate. 

Off to sleep šŸ˜“šŸ˜“šŸ˜“