July 23 Day 54 85 kms Nipigon – Beardmore

Slept in until 9 o’clock this morning, I guess I needed it, plus a real bed is so appreciated. It was blue skies with a gentle breeze all day. 

The locals are pretty proud of the new suspension bridge

A view back of the bridge after turning north on the highway 

Beautiful lakes, a lot of rock cliffs (Guess that’s the Canadian Shield). 

Geez I wish I wouldn’t  squint so much. They put sunglasses on the snowman & give him a fishing pole for summer

 Got into Beardmore a little before 4:00, cycled around & picked out a camping spot, in a park with a picnic bench. Then up to the diner, they had just closed at 4:00 but were still there cleaning up so I filled my water bottles & got a treat. That was the only place open in this little town on a Sunday. So a quiet evening, go for a walk & read my book. 


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