July 23 Day 54 85 kms Nipigon – Beardmore

Slept in until 9 o’clock this morning, I guess I needed it, plus a real bed is so appreciated. It was blue skies with a gentle breeze all day. 

The locals are pretty proud of the new suspension bridge

A view back of the bridge after turning north on the highway 

Beautiful lakes, a lot of rock cliffs (Guess that’s the Canadian Shield). 

Geez I wish I wouldn’t  squint so much. They put sunglasses on the snowman & give him a fishing pole for summer

 Got into Beardmore a little before 4:00, cycled around & picked out a camping spot, in a park with a picnic bench. Then up to the diner, they had just closed at 4:00 but were still there cleaning up so I filled my water bottles & got a treat. That was the only place open in this little town on a Sunday. So a quiet evening, go for a walk & read my book. 


July 22 Day 53 80 kms Shuniah – Nipigon 

Not the greatest day, thing weren’t digesting last night so didn’t sleep, rain started early this morning too. Got on the road by 7:30, rain, headlight, taillight & narrow shoulders ( can’t believe I’m on the Trans Canada highway in Ontario & the roads have such narrow shoulders) Made good time, got to Nipigon a little after noon. Treated myself to a hotel, wet & exhausted I wanted a bed & bathroom. Did go for a walk into the little town of Nipigon but made it a early night. 
Don’t know about the look on this guys face now that I look at the picture maybe I shouldn’t have sat on his knee. Lol 

A really pretty garden 

A church

They are very proud of the world Record brook trout being caught here. This is s replica becouse the original burnt in a fire the Museum had back in 1990

Went to the Museum, this is how you could get a perm back then, set you all up, pin you hair then spin the chair, turn it on you could smell the brunt hair. 

Because here in Nipigon this the only highway that crosses the country east – west, it’s has major truck traffic. These are two of the gas station plus non stop trucks moving on the highway too