July 21 Day 52 32 kms Thunder Bay – Shuniah 

Short day on the bike, said good bye to my Warm Showers Host.

Dan in front of his green houses. 

I was planning to get Nipigon but I stopped & talked to these older fellows only a couple street from where I stayed for about 10 minutes. There was a couple in the trails that I must of talk to for 20 minutes then another lady for about 45 minutes, the bike ride to the Terry Fox Monument took almost 3 hours with the talking, one stop at a bathroom & pictures taking. 

That’s a bike lane!

Centennial Park 

Did some off roading, lol

Another view of the sleeping giant 

Then chatted with people at the Monument too. So I left myself a whole afternoon of cycling, likely not getting into Nipigon till 6:00. So I stopped early at Shuniah. 

Store pet where I bought my dinner. 

Back to normal on the bike tomorrow.